Q. Jaws Reading Commands and Navigation Quick Keys


Jaws Reading Commands and Navigation Quick Keys:

Jaws will automatically start reading once a web page has been loaded.  If you want to start at the beginning again CTRL+HOME  moves to the top of the page. 

The commands used to read Web pages are the same as the commands used to read text in any other type of document.  However, Navigation Quick Keys are even faster shortcuts making reading a web page quick and easy to read.  These comprise one letter shortcuts.   

The Navigation Quick Key P moves the reading focus to the next paragraph.  Shift P moves to previous paragraph.   A complete list of Navigation Quick keys are listed above and are included in the relevant chapters.


A hyperlink (or "link" for short) is text that performs some action when you click it or select it and press ENTER. You can move through all the links on the page by pressing the TAB key. To see how JAWS helps you navigate links, do the following: 

  • Press U to move to the first unvisited link on the page. An unvisited link is one that leads to a page or location that you have not visited.
  • Press V to move to the next visited link on the page. A visited link is one that you have previously activated or one that leads to a page you have visited recently.
  • Press INSERT+F7 to display a list of all links on the page.  Arrow down through the list and then press ENTER to open the linked web page.
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